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Gear System To Increase a DC Motor Torque

A Few days ago, i wrote about a job to made a line follower. After i was making the job, i was getting problem. To making the line follower, i was using dc motor. But, i was geting problem with torque from it. The DC motor is used can't give me enouh torque. i am confused about how to increase torque it. i was thingking about it. And i was remember about search engine, why i am not looking how to incresae torque from a dc motor at search engine ??? And then, i am looking from search engine about how to increase dc motor torque. i was founding solution about how to increase torque it. To increase it, we can use system gear. But, i am confuse how to aplication sistem gear at my line follower.

I Have a Job to Make a Line Follower

I have aduty to makealinefollower.Linefollowerisarobotthatcan walkfollow the line. Iwas giventhree weeksto completethis task. I'm confusedwhere to starttomake alinefollower.Finally Isearch fromthe search engineonthe carline follower. Quite simply, I hope I can finish itin accordancewith the timethat is givento me.

Tips to avoid strike

Very annoyingwhenourcarbroke downon the road. Many thingscan causeourcarbroke down. That we do notexperience it, wemustpay attention tocareforour cars. And wehopethatwe will avoidthe situationthe car broke down. Some of thethings we havenoticedthatthe cardid notstrikethe fuel, spark plugs, radiatorwater, oil, and others.

Lookingfuel indicator, willhelp us toanalyze thecarenoughfuelis availableornot.If weforget to monitorfuel capacity, itcan cause us torun out offuel,soweare riding ina car thatwill go on strikewhen thepetrolruns out. If the location ofstrikeawayfromfuel sales, itwilltrouble us. Maybe weneeda tow truckto pullourcarup tothe sale offuel.

Let's Try To Make Electricity by Hydropower.

I love readingaboutalternativeenergythat can beusedfor power generation.Andnow I'mreadingabout theconversion ofwater powerinto electricity.And Itried towrite ithere.I foundan article abouta villagewhose inhabitantsuse electricitymade​​fromriverflow. you canreadhere.If youdo not understandthe language,you canusegoogle translateto translate.
A young mancan makea micro-hydropower plants.That is byutilizingthe water wheeltomakeelectricityfromthe flow ofthe river. River in thehills,suitableforwaterwheel.becauseriver waterusuallyhasaheavywater.So witharushingstreamthatcan be used torotate thepaddle wheel.And withthe concept ofenergyconversion, theroundwheelcan be used torotatethe turbine,and electricitycan beraised.
Andthis conceptcan beapplied to ahilly area thathas theflow ofa rushing river.whatdo you think?

Urine For Alternative Energy Sources

I recently readhere,there isinformationthat theurinecouldbealternative energy.Of coursethis is good news.Whenreservesdwindlingenergy resources.The discoveryof newsources ofenergyisapositive thing.Sourine istestedand canbe usedas anenergysource.

This alternativeenergysourcediscovered bystudentsfromIndonesia.If theurineas a source ofenergycouldbe developed,this meanswehaveanabundantsource ofenergy.Because everyonecanproduceurine. Not all of theurinecouldbe usedas a source ofenergy,tobe usedas a source ofenergy, theuseof urineisurinethat does not containsugar.If theurinecontainssugar,then this willbehamperthe processof electrolysis.
for the future, it is hopedthe findings ofalternative energysourcescan be done,and foralternativeenergysourcesthat have beenfound,so thatcouldbe developed,so thatalternative energysourcescan beused asan economicalalternativeenergysource.

Good Piping Design Indispensable.

In an oil extraction, pipeline design must be considered very good. Perppaan designs are not only supporting the cost efficiency, but also to minimize the theft of oil from oil pipelines. Oil distribution pipe lines to be protected is located. If you can be in a safe area. That is safe from theft or cause damage, such as falling trees, and others. To that end, the design pipeline in an oil distribution should be organized in such a way that the interruption of oil distribution is not disturbed.

Functions of Garden Inside the House

On the last time, i have already writing about  creating a mini garden onthe house.  A park an home have many functions. Can you to tell me about the function from a park an home. Do you can to think it ? Before i talk about the function, I will invite you to imagine if you have a mini park at home. What do you feel ?
A park or a mini gardener at home have more function. One of  which is a hobby.  Many people have the hobby of gardener. theylovethe beautyofaplant.For someonewhohas ahobbyof gardening, a gardencan be a placetorelaxand releasefatigue. Theyfeel at home fora long timeto seethe plants.
A park or a mini gardener at home canbe usedforthe entirefamilya place to relax.All thefamilygathered there, andwill createan atmospherefull ofharmonioustogetherness. Parkscan also beusedas a mediumtoplacechildrenlearnabout nature.

The Way to Easily Produce Electricity From Home Within Days

Do you want to hear about how to easily produce electricity from home within Days ? With produce electricity from home, we can to produce electricity from our home. I think this is a brilliant idea. Every home will have their producingelectricityintheirhomes. Do you can imagine it ? 
And now, if you want to have a easily produce electricity at your home, you can do it. I have to know this info from a site, and i have interest to share with you about how you can to easily produce electricity from home. you can to see their video about  Secret To Cut Your Electric Bills By 75% (or more) In Just 2 days!! Lol, i know you will not believe. Well, if you can more information about that, you can to visit their site. CLICK THERE to visit their site. 
I am happy to share whith you, this is may be usefull to you if you have interesting to have your produce electricity from your home. You can back to there at another time. Well you can borkmark this blog on your facebook or your social network pro…

How to improve Comfort House ?

I like thegameTheSims.Inthesegames,weplayed acharacter,andwemust keep theperson does notexperience stress.To avoidstress,wehave tokeepsomehuman needs,such aslevel ofhunger,social needs,the needs ofpleasure,maintaincleanliness,andcomfort.Ifthere aresomethat needlessfulfilled, thepeople weplaycan experiencestress.Andis consistentwith the theory ofhuman needs.

Heating Tips

Advances in technology helps humans, including the cooling and heating. For cooling and heating, we usually use air conditioning. In selecting the air conditioning we will use, we must be smart to choose. Nevertheless, after some time, we could have air conditioning malfunction, such as cold temperature can not reach the maximum. Lots of air conditioning service providers, one of them is Fort Collins Heating and Air specializes in heating and air conditioning services and has been in business for over 70 years. We can look on the internet, or around our homes. In a few minutes, we can find so many companies that provide air conditioning service. Of course we must choose either to use the services of air conditioning service we choose. This is of course that we were not disappointed. And also for the service when we need maintenance and repairs in the future.

In addition to cool at room temperature, could also serve to ac heating. so by making use of air conditioning, we can regulate…

Want to Reduce Electricity Bills?

We allneed electricity,andtouse electricity,wewillpaythe electricbillusage charges.The amount offees to payelectricitybills,according to theamount ofelectricitywe use.The moreweuse electricityin our homes,it stands to reasonthatourelectricbillswillbecomemore and more.Duetoproducing electricity, theelectricity companytakesthe basicingredientsandsome of thecomplicated processso thatelectricitycanbe producedandalsoin thestreamleading to thecustomer's home.Of coursethis requiresno small cost.Doyourememberhow muchelectricity billsyou have to paylastmonth?

Of course byreducingelectricity usage,then wecanreducethe cost ofelectricitybills.So many havewrittenabout waystosave onelectricity consumption.What do you thinkif anyone canprovidethe means to saveneighborourlstrikusage fee,evenup to 75%.How muchwillyoupay?

Areyouinterestedtoknow howtosave onyourelectricity costs?PleaseCLICK HERE

Organic Plastic Bag

Technological advances have supported the creation of products. One of them is a plastic bag. How many plastic bags used in a day. The plastic waste management must be considered. Plastic bags can not be processed by the ground. Not like leaves that can be processed into fertilizer. And the good news is that now many of the organic plastic bags. Which can rot when deposited in the soil.

Do You Want to Save on Your Electric Bills?

How much isyourelectricbill? Do youthinkthat's enoughfor you? Ormaybeyouwant toreduce it?Yes, I thinkmost peoplewanttosavemoney. Perhapsyou are oneof them. Ifyou fallintothosewhowant tosaveyourmoney, itsaves powerwithus, then wecansaveour money.

I recentlyvisitedasite thatprovides informationaboutourelectricitycost savings. Andwhile listening toa presentationon their site, I amwriting this article. Possibly,it will be usefulfor you whowanttosavemoneytopay theelectric bill. Itis written ontheirsite. "Free videorevealsaCrazySecretToCutYourElectricBillsBy75% (or more)InJust2days! ...(GuaranteedTo WorkForAnyone)!"
I think this isauseful siteforyou. Doyounotwant to knowaboutthe secrettoyourelectricbill. Andreaches75% itisawonderful thing. Ifyoureally want toknow, pleasevisittheirsite please clickHERE.

Types of plants are suitable to sit in the house.

Yesterday,wehadto writeabout makinga minigarden at home.One of the thingsthat must be consideredtomake asmallgardeninside thehomeis to chooseplants thatfitto be putin the house.Not allplantsaresuitable to be placedin the home.Someofthese plantsmust be locatedoutside the home.However,wecanfind someplants that aresuitable for plantingin the home.Someplants that aresuitable to be placedinsidethe house, among others,has the form ofa beautiful,beautiful flowers,andnot toolarge.

Creating a Mini Garden in the House.

How does it feelto havea gardeninside thehouse. Abeautifulsmall gardenandcanmakehomes morecomfortableatmosphere. In the homegardenwe can maketocustomizeour finances. Some plantswe can choosetouse inourgarden. Beforemakinga mini gardenin thehouse, wecanbegintoimaginethat we will createthe park. Weimagine, how thepark will bedesigned, andwhatcropsto be grown. It is impossible toplantlarge treesin our homesis not it?So tomakeagardenin thehouse, wecanstart looking fora suitablespeciestobe plantedin the house. Tantujusta beautifulplant, andeasyto style.

One Day Without Electricity

Have you everimaginedwhat it would beone daywithout electricity ?. Can wepass? Let usimaginewhat ifonedaywithout electricity.Of course wecan not doanyactivities thatrequireelectricity, such as watchingtelevision, listen to theradio, usingan electricstove, use awashing machine, andusingotherpower tools.

Canyouimagineifonedaywithoutelectricity? what wouldyoudo ifyouwent a daywithout electricity. There was noair conditioningorheating, the fancan notwork, what wouldyou do ifyouwent a daywithout electricity.

Thisseems likea fun thing, trying to get througha daywithout electricity. There are nolights onintegahnight,dark and quiet. Notelevision showthat we can see. Nocomputer is onforbrowsing.

What canwe generatetheelectricalactivityof thedaywithoutit? Of course wehope, withthe thought thatweare onone daywithoutelectricity, then wewillfeel thatpowerisveryimportant to us. Webecame interestedto knowhow electricityisbisadiciptakan, andfinally, we cansaveenergy, so thatelectricitycan beused effecti…

Easy to Use Alternative Energy

Many peoplestart usingalternativeenergyas asource of electricityin their homes. Of course theyusealternativeenergyas asource ofenergyintheirhomeswitha couple of reasons. Some ofthose reasonsisthat usingalternativeenergysourcescould besaid to bemore environmentally friendly.Another reasonthatmakespeople usealternativeenergysourcesisthough moresparingly.Someof thealternativesourcesthat are widely usedto make usget away fromdependence onpetroleum.We knownahwaprice of petroleumisexpensive, becausethe availablepetroleumhas its limitations. Andnotallcountriescanproducepetroleum.
Awidely usedalternativeenergyissolarpanelsthat we can usetoelectricity generate. In additionthere are alsosolarpanelsSolarStirlingenergyplantthat couldutilizeup to 12times moreexpensivethaninthesolarphotovoltaicenergysystems.
Bothareutilizingsunlight, collectandturn it intoelectricalenergythat we can use. So heredo notusepetroleum, raw materials tocreateelectricalenergyisalot ofscatteredsunlightin the earth. When comp…

Having a Happy Family

Of course having a happy family is everyone's expectations, I think no one wants to have a broken family. What about you? Which you choose? have a happy family or you prefer to have an unhappy family? Surely you would prefer that you have a happy family.

But form having a happy family it's not an easy thing. Although one family, but one person in the family is a different person. Who had different ideas, and also have different feelings, each person is different. Communication becomes an important thing to realize a happy family. With proper communication, misunderstanding will be removed. In addition to communication, salingh understand one another can also create a happy family atmosphere.

Maybe when we have small children, we still can understand the mindset of our children, but when our children begin to mature, where their friends are also an important thing to them, sometimes we must be prudent to direct the attitudes of our children. But for the child, we can understand…

Did You Using a Solar Panel ?

Did you use a Solar Panel ? If not, I just read an article on a blog titled: Earth 4 Energy - My Review, there to write about How To Make Inexpensive Home Energy By Building Your Own Solar Panels. The writing on these blogs can bring awareness to us, why we should use solar panels in our homes as an energy source.

The blog is a post about Earth 4 Energy Review, there is written that by using solar panels for our homes, it turns out we've been doing a great savings in our finances. So maybe after reading an article in the blog can make you have a desire to use solar panels on your house. And in the end if you already get benefits from the use of solar panels, you can tell your neighbors to come to use it as well.

Solar panels are an alternative energy source that uses solar energy to generate electricity. Even solar panels can also be used as a heated room. You can use the electricity generated by solar panels had been directly, or you can also store them in a battery.

If we see th…

The Universe Was Expanding

Knowledge can be gained from anywhere, by reading books or watching movies. A few days ago, I have seen a film. Film about a huge explosion as the main process is the creation of the universe. Maybe it's called the big bang. In the film, the show that the universe is expanding. And there are usually discussed that the explosion of mischief, but in the process of creation of the universe, big bang was actually making arrangements so perfectly into the universe. Forming galaxies in the universe, and also formed the earth and other contents of the universe.

Using Energy Saving Lamps

Have you ever wondered how electricity we use every day it was made? Of course, electricity is created by power plants. The power plant also requires fuel for electricity-making process. Some require the processed oil in significant amounts. Therefore, a wise move if we save our electricity consumption, and indirectly it also saves the amount of oil the less.

To save on electricity consumption in the household, we can use energy-saving lamps. Using energy-saving lamp is a real step to conserve the use of petroleum. If only 50 percent of people in our cities use energy saving lamps in the city, so if the calculated savings from the use of energy saving lamps can be seen as significant.

We do not have to be a president to act in finding solutions to the petroleum consumption savings, because as a wise citizens there, then the energy savings plan that has become an international discourse can be realized.

Tips To Save Energy In Car

The price of oil continues to rise. Though in our lives, oil has an important role, for example, is as a fuel. Our cars need oil. and that means spending money to buy fuel our cars. Each liter of oil that we consume for our cars, will likely continue to rise in price. Because oil prices continue to rise, probably due to the limited availability of oil. With gasoline prices now, we can calculate how much we spend on gasoline for our cars can still run our cars. What if the price of gasoline has increased 50% per liter, or 100%, could this happen?

Car Insurance

Car insurance we can use as a way to protect our car, we certainly do not want that our car will be stolen people, or we get a car accident. We need a car, and maybe with hard work we have done, we can finally buy a car.

The car is of course very helpful our activities, berangkan to the office, take a girlfriend and to vacation with your family, we need a car. Something could happen. Accident, theft, or so forth, to buy insurance for our car polish, this means we can save our car from the incident. Estimated maximum reimbursement price of the car certainly will help us. And we do not have to start from scratch to save money and the target of a car.

So the car insurance is necessary to guarantee our cars.