Gear System To Increase a DC Motor Torque

A Few days ago, i wrote about a job to made a line follower. After i was making the job, i was getting problem. To making the line follower, i was using dc motor. But, i was geting problem with torque from it. The DC motor is used can't give me enouh torque. i am confused about how to increase torque it. i was thingking about it. And i was remember about search engine, why i am not looking how to incresae torque from a dc motor at search engine ??? And then, i am looking from search engine about how to increase dc motor torque. i was founding solution about how to increase torque it. To increase it, we can use system gear. But, i am confuse how to aplication sistem gear at my line follower. 

I Have a Job to Make a Line Follower

I have a duty to make a line follower. Line follower is a robot that can walk follow the line. I was given three weeks to complete this task. I'm confused where to start to make a line follower. Finally I search from the search engine on the car line follower. Quite simply, I hope I can finish it in accordance with the time that is given to me.

Tips to avoid strike

 Very annoying when our car broke down on the road. Many things can cause our car broke down. That we do not experience it, we must pay attention to care for our cars. And we hope that we will avoid the situation the car broke down. Some of the things we have noticed that the car did not strike the fuel, spark plugs, radiator water, oil, and others.

Looking fuel indicator, will help us to analyze the car enough fuel is available or not. If we forget to monitor fuel capacity, it can cause us to run out of fuel, so we are riding in a car that will go on strike when the petrol runs out. If the location of strike away from fuel sales, it will trouble us. Maybe we need a tow truck to pull our car up to the sale of fuel.

Let's Try To Make Electricity by Hydropower.

I love reading about alternative energy that can be used for power generation. And now I'm reading about the conversion of water power into electricity. And I tried to write it here. I found an article about a village whose inhabitants use electricity made ​​from river flow. you can read here. If you do not understand the language, you can use google translate to translate.

A young man can make a micro-hydro power plants. That is by utilizing the water wheel to make electricity from the flow of the river. River in the hills, suitable for waterwheel. because river water usually has a heavy water. So with a rushing stream that can be used to rotate the paddle wheel. And with the concept of energy conversion, the round wheel can be used to rotate the turbine, and electricity can be raised.

And this concept can be applied to a hilly area that has the flow of a rushing river. what do you think?

Urine For Alternative Energy Sources

I recently read here, there is information that the urine could be alternative energy. Of course this is good news. When reserves dwindling energy resources. The discovery of new sources of energy is a positive thing. So urine is tested and can be used as an energy source.

This alternative energy source discovered by students from Indonesia. If the urine as a source of energy could be developed, this means we have an abundant source of energy. Because everyone can produce urine.
Not all of the urine could be used as a source of energy, to be used as a source of energy, the use of urine is urine that does not contain sugar. If the urine contains sugar, then this will be hamper the process of electrolysis.

 for the future, it is hoped the findings of alternative energy sources can be done, and for alternative energy sources that have been found, so that could be developed, so that alternative energy sources can be used as an economical alternative energy source.

Good Piping Design Indispensable.

In an oil extraction, pipeline design must be considered very good. Perppaan designs are not only supporting the cost efficiency, but also to minimize the theft of oil from oil pipelines. Oil distribution pipe lines to be protected is located. If you can be in a safe area. That is safe from theft or cause damage, such as falling trees, and others. To that end, the design pipeline in an oil distribution should be organized in such a way that the interruption of oil distribution is not disturbed.

Functions of Garden Inside the House

On the last time, i have already writing about  creating a mini garden onthe house.  A park an home have many functions. Can you to tell me about the function from a park an home. Do you can to think it ? Before i talk about the function, I will invite you to imagine if you have a mini park at home. What do you feel ?

A park or a mini gardener at home have more function. One of  which is a hobby.  Many people have the hobby of gardener. they love the beauty of a plant. For someone who has a hobby of gardening, a garden can be a place to relax and release fatigue. They feel at home for a long time to see the plants.

A park or a mini gardener at home can be used for the entire family a place to relax. All the family gathered there, and will create an atmosphere full of harmonious togetherness. Parks can also be used as a medium to place children learn about nature.

The Way to Easily Produce Electricity From Home Within Days

Do you want to hear about how to easily produce electricity from home within Days ? With produce electricity from home, we can to produce electricity from our home. I think this is a brilliant idea. Every home will have their producing electricity in their homes. Do you can imagine it ? 

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How to improve Comfort House ?

I like the game The Sims. In these games, we played a character, and we must keep the person does not experience stress. To avoid stress, we have to keep some human needs, such as level of hunger, social needs, the needs of pleasure, maintain cleanliness, and comfort. If there are some that need less fulfilled, the people we play can experience stress. And is consistent with the theory of human needs.

Heating Tips

Advances in technology helps humans, including the cooling and heating. For cooling and heating, we usually use air conditioning. In selecting the air conditioning we will use, we must be smart to choose. Nevertheless, after some time, we could have air conditioning malfunction, such as cold temperature can not reach the maximum. Lots of air conditioning service providers, one of them is Fort Collins Heating and Air specializes in heating and air conditioning services and has been in business for over 70 years. We can look on the internet, or around our homes. In a few minutes, we can find so many companies that provide air conditioning service. Of course we must choose either to use the services of air conditioning service we choose. This is of course that we were not disappointed. And also for the service when we need maintenance and repairs in the future.

In addition to cool at room temperature, could also serve to ac heating. so by making use of air conditioning, we can regulate the temperature of the room we want. There is some heating tips that we can do to make air conditioning durable and not easily damaged. If we do heating tips well, it could make savings in electricity consumption. For heating tips, we can pay attention to the electric power consumption. Choose a low-power. Although more expensive, but we can save our electric bill payments each month.

Heating tips to the next is to adjust the heating chamber by the area. The heated space should be in accordance with the area of ​​the room to be heated. Course must be balanced. Do we use a small defenseless Heating for the living room is very spacious. We must pay attention to the comparison of power and area of the room, so that the maximum temperature is reached quickly. And that means we can save electricity consumption. So we can save our electric bill payment. By doing a good heating tips with no profits that we get, that we can save on utility bills, and we save money for the replacement or repair of our heating.


Want to Reduce Electricity Bills?

We all need electricity, and to use electricity, we will pay the electric bill usage charges. The amount of fees to pay electricity bills, according to the amount of electricity we use. The more we use electricity in our homes, it stands to reason that our electric bills will become more and more. Due to producing electricity, the electricity company takes the basic ingredients and some of the complicated process so that electricity can be produced and also in the stream leading to the customer's home. Of course this requires no small cost. Do you remember how much electricity bills you have to pay last month?

Of course by reducing electricity usage, then we can reduce the cost of electricity bills. So many have written about ways to save on electricity consumption. What do you think if anyone can provide the means to save neighbor our lstrik usage fee, even up to 75%. How much will you pay?

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Organic Plastic Bag

Technological advances have supported the creation of products. One of them is a plastic bag. How many plastic bags used in a day. The plastic waste management must be considered. Plastic bags can not be processed by the ground. Not like leaves that can be processed into fertilizer. And the good news is that now many of the organic plastic bags. Which can rot when deposited in the soil.

Do You Want to Save on Your Electric Bills?

How much is your electric bill? Do you think that's enough for you? Or maybe you want to reduce it? Yes, I think most people want to save money. Perhaps you are one of them. If you fall into those who want to save your money, it saves power with us, then we can save our money.

I recently visited a site that provides information about our electricity cost savings. And while listening to a presentation on their site, I am writing this article. Possibly, it will be useful for you who want to save money to pay the electric bill. It is written on their site.
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Types of plants are suitable to sit in the house.

Yesterday, we had to write about making a mini garden at home. One of the things that must be considered to make a small garden inside the home is to choose plants that fit to be put in the house. Not all plants are suitable to be placed in the home. Some of these plants must be located outside the home. However, we can find some plants that are suitable for planting in the home. Some plants that are suitable to be placed inside the house, among others, has the form of a beautiful, beautiful flowers, and not too large.

Creating a Mini Garden in the House.

How does it feel to have a garden inside the house. A beautiful small garden and can make homes more comfortable atmosphere. In the home garden we can make to customize our finances. Some plants we can choose to use in our garden. Before making a mini garden in the house, we can begin to imagine that we will create the park. We imagine, how the park will be designed, and what crops to be grown. It is impossible to plant large trees in our homes is not it? So to make a garden in the house, we can start looking for a suitable species to be planted in the house. Tantu just a beautiful plant, and easy to style.

One Day Without Electricity

Have you ever imagined what it would be one day without electricity ?. Can we pass? Let us imagine what if one day without electricity. Of course we can not do any activities that require electricity, such as watching television, listen to the radio, using an electric stove, use a washing machine, and using other power tools.

Can you imagine if one day without electricity? what would you do if you went a day without electricity. There was no air conditioning or heating, the fan can not work, what would you do if you went a day without electricity.

This seems like a fun thing, trying to get through a day without electricity. There are no lights on in tegah night, dark and quiet. No television show that we can see. No computer is on for browsing.

What can we generate the electrical activity of the day without it? Of course we hope, with the thought that we are on one day without electricity, then we will feel that power is very important to us. We became interested to know how electricity is bisadiciptakan, and finally, we can save energy, so that electricity can be used effectively and efficiently. So, can we go through a day without electricity.

Easy to Use Alternative Energy

Many people start using alternative energy as a source of electricity in their homes. Of course they use alternative energy as a source of energy in their homes with a couple of reasons. Some of those reasons is that using alternative energy sources could be said to be more environmentally friendly. Another reason that makes people use alternative energy sources is though more sparingly. Some of the alternative sources that are widely used to make us get away from dependence on petroleum. We know nahwa price of petroleum is expensive, because the available petroleum has its limitations. And not all countries can produce petroleum.
A widely used alternative energy is solar panels that we can use to electricity generate. In addition there are also solar panels Solar Stirling energy plant that could utilize up to 12 times more expensive than in the solar photovoltaic energy systems.
Both are utilizing sunlight, collect and turn it into electrical energy that we can use. So here do not use petroleum, raw materials to create electrical energy is a lot of scattered sunlight in the earth. When compared with petroleum energy, it means the use of solar energy will become cheaper ought to be utilized as a source of energy.

And to utilize sunlight as an alternative energy source our home is not something that's hard. It is fairly easy, we could buy a set of tools that can be used to change the energy of sunlight into electrical energy. That way we will have an own power plant to our homes, no longer dependent on oil for electricity. And of course, can reduce the cost of electricity bills in our house.

Having a Happy Family

Of course having a happy family is everyone's expectations, I think no one wants to have a broken family. What about you? Which you choose? have a happy family or you prefer to have an unhappy family? Surely you would prefer that you have a happy family.

But form having a happy family it's not an easy thing. Although one family, but one person in the family is a different person. Who had different ideas, and also have different feelings, each person is different. Communication becomes an important thing to realize a happy family. With proper communication, misunderstanding will be removed. In addition to communication, salingh understand one another can also create a happy family atmosphere.

Maybe when we have small children, we still can understand the mindset of our children, but when our children begin to mature, where their friends are also an important thing to them, sometimes we must be prudent to direct the attitudes of our children. But for the child, we can understand the attitude of others, might be considered as parents we are old-fashioned and outdated, but our intentions are good, we love our children. We hope our children do not get along with the environment is not good for them. Well, keep the communication between the family into things that should be on notice to give understanding to our children.

Did You Using a Solar Panel ?

Did you use a Solar Panel ? If not, I just read an article on a blog titled: Earth 4 Energy - My Review, there to write about How To Make Inexpensive Home Energy By Building Your Own Solar Panels. The writing on these blogs can bring awareness to us, why we should use solar panels in our homes as an energy source.

The blog is a post about Earth 4 Energy Review, there is written that by using solar panels for our homes, it turns out we've been doing a great savings in our finances. So maybe after reading an article in the blog can make you have a desire to use solar panels on your house. And in the end if you already get benefits from the use of solar panels, you can tell your neighbors to come to use it as well.

Solar panels are an alternative energy source that uses solar energy to generate electricity. Even solar panels can also be used as a heated room. You can use the electricity generated by solar panels had been directly, or you can also store them in a battery.

If we see that the price of crude oil increases, of course, this means that the processing of these oils will also rise following the price of crude oil. Solar panels do not require petroleum. The use of alternative energy sources other than petroleum, can make us not affected by the rise in oil prices.

The Universe Was Expanding

Knowledge can be gained from anywhere, by reading books or watching movies. A few days ago, I have seen a film. Film about a huge explosion as the main process is the creation of the universe. Maybe it's called the big bang. In the film, the show that the universe is expanding. And there are usually discussed that the explosion of mischief, but in the process of creation of the universe, big bang was actually making arrangements so perfectly into the universe. Forming galaxies in the universe, and also formed the earth and other contents of the universe.

Using Energy Saving Lamps

Have you ever wondered how electricity we use every day it was made? Of course, electricity is created by power plants. The power plant also requires fuel for electricity-making process. Some require the processed oil in significant amounts. Therefore, a wise move if we save our electricity consumption, and indirectly it also saves the amount of oil the less.

To save on electricity consumption in the household, we can use energy-saving lamps. Using energy-saving lamp is a real step to conserve the use of petroleum. If only 50 percent of people in our cities use energy saving lamps in the city, so if the calculated savings from the use of energy saving lamps can be seen as significant.

We do not have to be a president to act in finding solutions to the petroleum consumption savings, because as a wise citizens there, then the energy savings plan that has become an international discourse can be realized.

Tips To Save Energy In Car

The price of oil continues to rise. Though in our lives, oil has an important role, for example, is as a fuel. Our cars need oil. and that means spending money to buy fuel our cars. Each liter of oil that we consume for our cars, will likely continue to rise in price. Because oil prices continue to rise, probably due to the limited availability of oil. With gasoline prices now, we can calculate how much we spend on gasoline for our cars can still run our cars. What if the price of gasoline has increased 50% per liter, or 100%, could this happen?

Car Insurance

Car insurance we can use as a way to protect our car, we certainly do not want that our car will be stolen people, or we get a car accident. We need a car, and maybe with hard work we have done, we can finally buy a car.

The car is of course very helpful our activities, berangkan to the office, take a girlfriend and to vacation with your family, we need a car. Something could happen. Accident, theft, or so forth, to buy insurance for our car polish, this means we can save our car from the incident. Estimated maximum reimbursement price of the car certainly will help us. And we do not have to start from scratch to save money and the target of a car.

So the car insurance is necessary to guarantee our cars.

5 ways to save energy at home

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