Energy Conservation Efforts By Humans.

Energy efficiency is all the ways that can be used to save energy consumption. Energy efficiency will make the needs of the energy will decrease. Examples of energy efficiency is to use energy-efficient electrical appliances.

The number of the world's human population is very much. And all require energy. Some energy sources are included in the amount of energy that does not have a limited or called non - renewable energy. For energy type of non - renewable energy will someday run out. Nature takes very long to provide the energy for humans.

Examples of non - renewable energy is petroleum, natural gas, coal, and others. With a number of requirements for the energy very much, while the energy-making requires a very long time, thousands of years, the human need to improve efficiency for the use of non - renewable energy.

Many men have been concerned with this, they invite each other to conduct electricity savings. Start of saving electrical appliance in the home, such as ac, refrigerator, lights and so on. Up to fuel savings, such as the discovery of injection technology with EFI system makes the engine becomes more fuel efficient. It certainly is a good effort made by man in the world.

In addition, the findings of the use of alternative energy sources began to be found, such as the use of solar panels to harness the sun's energy to generate electricity. As this part of the human population that requires energy in our lives, we should support energy efficiency starting from ourselves and our homes.

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