Roads for Riding

How do you think if there oarang who rode in the middle of the highway, it was already jarangsekali we see people go to work on horseback. Equestrian only we can do in certain areas, such as on farms.

Though our horses can still make an animal that we can ride to get to the workplace. Perhaps this idea is an idea that is less common. To apply, of course we need a special line for the ride.

It makes you wonder, what if many people keep horses, and they started riding a horse into a place to go to, like perotokoan, offices and schools. Very nice if you could see it.

Healthy and Efficient

Healthy and thrifty, what will I discuss? Namely cycling. Choosing a bicycle as a vehicle for around town is a choice of healthy and frugal.

By bicycle, we surface to be healthy, your body movement exercise, perspiration out, which means that toxic substances in the body out. body to be healthy.

Efficient, because in cycling, we do not need fuel for the bike, like a car that requires gasoline, but we only need your energy for riding a bicycle.

So, by bicycle, we can become healthier and also thrifty.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an energy solutions we can use to replace petroleum energy, some solar energy development has been shown in the right direction, such as the use of solar energy to fuel cars.

Solar energy-fueled car is certainly a positive thing, this indicates that replacement energy can work significantly.

There are many other energy we can use to replace petroleum usage.

How Can we Save Energy

Saving energy we must do, because we know that the energy we use today, such as petroleum is a limited energy. In a sense the ability of the earth to provide energy is very limited. Therefore there must be a balance between supply and consumption.

How can we save energy? In daily life many things we can do to conserve energy, including a save on electricity usage. We must save electricity, is one thing we can do to save energy.

how do we save on electricity usage? This can be done with the use of electricity-saving equipment, such as using lcd monitor as lcd monitor has a smaller power consumption compared to the tube.

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