How to improve Comfort House ?

I like the game The Sims. In these games, we played a character, and we must keep the person does not experience stress. To avoid stress, we have to keep some human needs, such as level of hunger, social needs, the needs of pleasure, maintain cleanliness, and comfort. If there are some that need less fulfilled, the people we play can experience stress. And is consistent with the theory of human needs.

I want to write down how the game is increasing the need of comfort. For convenience, when we play characters who are depressed, then we can take action to improve the comfort of characters that we play.

The first is to enhance comfort by adding a painting on the wall. The more expensive the painting that we bought and we stick it on the wall, then the convenience of characters that we will be growing ainkan good. In addition to painting, we can put the art in the room, could also put the piano. Aquariums can also add tingak comfort. Sofa and bed types will also affect the increase in the comfort of characters that we play.

Flower garden can, paint walls can also increase the comfort of characters that we play. In addition, to increase comfort degan can also play music. That's some way we can do for added comfort. Please play the game. Is this how our home can be applied to increase our comfort level?

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