Functions of Garden Inside the House

On the last time, i have already writing about  creating a mini garden onthe house.  A park an home have many functions. Can you to tell me about the function from a park an home. Do you can to think it ? Before i talk about the function, I will invite you to imagine if you have a mini park at home. What do you feel ?

A park or a mini gardener at home have more function. One of  which is a hobby.  Many people have the hobby of gardener. they love the beauty of a plant. For someone who has a hobby of gardening, a garden can be a place to relax and release fatigue. They feel at home for a long time to see the plants.

A park or a mini gardener at home can be used for the entire family a place to relax. All the family gathered there, and will create an atmosphere full of harmonious togetherness. Parks can also be used as a medium to place children learn about nature.

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