The Universe Was Expanding

Knowledge can be gained from anywhere, by reading books or watching movies. A few days ago, I have seen a film. Film about a huge explosion as the main process is the creation of the universe. Maybe it's called the big bang. In the film, the show that the universe is expanding. And there are usually discussed that the explosion of mischief, but in the process of creation of the universe, big bang was actually making arrangements so perfectly into the universe. Forming galaxies in the universe, and also formed the earth and other contents of the universe.

Previously, there were theories about the state remains, but now many discoveries discoveries prove that the universe was created. It's really amazing, that water is created with the proper viscosity, the layer is created to protect the earth's atmosphere, and the distance between planets is very much also for the good of the earth. This proves that God loves man. God has prepared the earth to suit inhabited by humans. So give thanks to God, because tuhaj has created this universe for human beings.

In the human body, also seen the love of god to man, God has prepared our bodies with a immune system. These immune defenses that would be the human face of diseases. How the body is able to record the type of disease that has ever suffered, so the immune system will do a quick reaction to the disease that has ever suffered. This is truly an amazing calculation.

Thank God

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