One Day Without Electricity

Have you ever imagined what it would be one day without electricity ?. Can we pass? Let us imagine what if one day without electricity. Of course we can not do any activities that require electricity, such as watching television, listen to the radio, using an electric stove, use a washing machine, and using other power tools.

Can you imagine if one day without electricity? what would you do if you went a day without electricity. There was no air conditioning or heating, the fan can not work, what would you do if you went a day without electricity.

This seems like a fun thing, trying to get through a day without electricity. There are no lights on in tegah night, dark and quiet. No television show that we can see. No computer is on for browsing.

What can we generate the electrical activity of the day without it? Of course we hope, with the thought that we are on one day without electricity, then we will feel that power is very important to us. We became interested to know how electricity is bisadiciptakan, and finally, we can save energy, so that electricity can be used effectively and efficiently. So, can we go through a day without electricity.


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