My way to save fuel in the car.

One of the requirements for the machine to be able to live a car is a car we have fuel. And we have to buy fuel with our money. The more fuel used by our cars, this means we are getting a lot of money to buy fuel. So save fuel we have means that we save our money.

Some of the ways this might do to conserve our fuel. Stepping on the gas pedal slowly, so acceleration runs gently. turn off the engine when stopped long enough. Controlling the acceleration of the car. Do not put too heavy a burden on the vehicle. And perform routine car maintenance.

Engine in a cold state requires fuel consumption more. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the cooling system on our car. The thermostat on the car's cooling system must be functioning properly, this will make the car quickly reach the temperature of engine work.

Use engine braking when going to stop, it will also help save fuel. Keeping a constant speed will allow us to save fuel. choose a car according to the need, when we buy a car, we do the calculations, so that we get a car that suits our needs.

How to Check The Car's Battery.

In the last article I wrote about saving money from recondition old batteries. Now I write about how to care for the battery. In addition to requiring fuel, a car also requires batteries. These batteries are used to rotate the motor starter. The battery is also used for a power source to turn on the headlights. If the battery is weak, the battery can not be used to rotate the motor starter. So that cars can not turn on.

Now, You Can Save Your Money From Your Old Batteries

We often use our money to buy batteries. And we discard our old battery. We know that the price of batteries is not cheap. and we also know if the batteries contain chemicals that seep into the soil and ends up in our waterways. But I recently read of a site on a good information for us all. It turns our old batteries, maybe we can still reconditioned so that they can be reused.

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