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Reason to Save Energy

Here is the reason why we should make energy efficient
  1. Our energy is limited, takes long time to make it back, for example to create oil, nature takes millions of years.
  2. Save energy, we also save our money, because expenditures that we do to buy it will be reduced, and we can use for our other needs.
  3. Save energy, is one solution to global warming.
And there are many other reasons why we should save energy.

Our Energy Is Limited

Our energy is limited, such as oil, it takes a very long time. To create the oil, nature takes millions of years. We're using very much of the oil supply on earth. Yet to replenish supplies, required millions of years. If you use oil, not in balance with nature's ability to provide it, then, oil has a chance to expire.

By remember that our energy is limited, then we would be very careful in using it, and be frugal. I can not imagine, what if I live in the earth that has no longer has petroleum. Of course it's a thing that currently can not be imagined by me. We must have offspring, the children and our grandchildren. Also, children and grandchildren from them. They will live on this earth. We have to share oil supplies with them, too. So, let's save the existing energy consumption.

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Back To Nature

Nature has provided everything for us. including energy. But our needs have forced us to use too much energy. We forget, if nature has a balance. Like equilibrium predator and prey. If the equilibrium is changed, there will certainly have an effect. cause and effect. In the closely related nature hard.

The energy was like that, if the energy of the Universe decreases faster calculations do not match, this will cause adverse effects. Good for us human beings and to nature itself. We must get back to nature and to follow the present equilibrium. That does not mean we are without electricity or other fuels. But we are frugal use.

Depending With Energy

One of the reasons for us to save energy is because we depend on the energy. Cars need gas, for cooking, we need gas, to watch TV, we need electricity, we want to do something, then we need energy.

Very large influence of energy in our lives. Can you imagine? how one day without electricity? We cannot see the TV, we will use the hands and feet to wash our clothes, what can we do that? What you can one day without electricity?

Maybe one day you can Go, but what if one day? one month? one year? What can you do that? If you cannot do, what with our children and our grandchildren? Can they survive without the energy?

Energy in the earth is limited, we have to economize use of energy. So, let's save that energy.

How to save energy ?

save energy is required, if we save energy, we have showed that we matter to the world. But how to save energy ? to save energy, we can start saving with our use of electricity. why are we must save the electricity ? because of power needs fuel very much, so save the electricity, we will help reduce the fuel line.

than with the electric utility, we can save energy by reducing the use of our car. we can use public transport, to go to the office, school, campus. We can walk to places close to. so we can save energy and also while doing sports. goods that use energy sparingly, is also an option to save energy. So we choose the electronic energy sparing before buying a electronic.

With saving energy at our home, we can also save our money. So let us save energy

We Must Saving Energy

To save energy is very important for our live, becaue the energy like oil and coal and etc is limited energy. it can out, while to get ail and coil again needed a long time, millions year. If thats The Energy out now how abot my childrens ? Hoe about grandchildres, i think they must to get quota from the energy. So we must saving energy for them.

energy supply like the oil and coil, the longer the more slender, if we not to saving energy, a later time this energy will out. Before the energy is exhauste, we must to find new sources of energy which will not be exhauste, like solar energy.

the limited energy in the world has become a world problem, and the whole world has been to seek to conduct research, to find new energy-friendly environment. And we can support it, to save the energy from within us.

from us, from now on, let us save energy.

Energy saving

Energy saving is very important at the time now. Because the energy that we have on earth is more slender. while every day the world will need energy, while the amount of energy available is very limited. Back to nature, that is one way to save energy, utilizing solar energy to replace petroleum energy, and others, is one example of to save energy.

at this time we have mengali with the energy dependence of. Cars with fuel, electricity pemangkit with the fuel, I can not imagine if the source of our oil runs out. What's be on our lives? hence the campaign to save energy is important.

Energy that is now rare and very expensive. Lack of energy can make a country become unstable. Energy is now a weak point our excess. indeed surprising, one of the advantages of human tekhonologi is created, but the Technology is now becoming our weakness, we depend on the energy fuel of Technology to run it. Technology depend on nature.

Some way has to do to save the vehicles energy sparingly, and even this requires a lot of cost. but to save energy we need to do together, it's not fair I only done by a group of people, and another group of people who apparently do not sparing energy.

Very important because the energy available to human life, then, if we are rightly think our children and grandchildren together. Do they still have the fuel energy is available. You can start from your own energy to do sparingly, if all people like that, then it will impact on the lives of all mankind. And, generation after us will get the energy to fuel the life of him. have been found in some cars that use sunlight as fuel, it is a very good news. but for the making of one unit requires a more expensive cost of the car now. Support costs are in the need for research and innovation to save energy. And many people have become a donator to it. so, let us do sparing energy, in the start of us.

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