Tips to avoid strike

 Very annoying when our car broke down on the road. Many things can cause our car broke down. That we do not experience it, we must pay attention to care for our cars. And we hope that we will avoid the situation the car broke down. Some of the things we have noticed that the car did not strike the fuel, spark plugs, radiator water, oil, and others.

Looking fuel indicator, will help us to analyze the car enough fuel is available or not. If we forget to monitor fuel capacity, it can cause us to run out of fuel, so we are riding in a car that will go on strike when the petrol runs out. If the location of strike away from fuel sales, it will trouble us. Maybe we need a tow truck to pull our car up to the sale of fuel.
Replacing spark plugs, changing oil regularly will make our cars are always ready to travel. The benefits of an oil change oil well is in good shape, so the machine in good standing. Replacing the spark plug replacement schedule, will result in a state of good plugs. So that the ignition system can be lit.

Examination of water in the radiator will keep the cooling system working properly, if the cooling system is functioning properly, the machine will not experience over heating. And the next one is checking the charging system. If the charging system is compromised, it will cause the battery to lose electricity.


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