Bicycles, Energy efficient and Healthy

Sophistication of the technology, could have made us lazy. now we almost do not need to move the body to conduct our activities. All the mobility we have helped with the technology, such as a car for long distances, an elevator that makes us not have to walk up the stairs. And other sophistication. We must get rid of addiction to technology. Body must move, so the body remains healthy.

Bike is a good choice to help us cover the distance is not too far away. In cycling, we can get the health. Because cycling including exercise. Not only a healthy body. But bikes can make us save energy. The more bikes, the greater the energy that can be saved. Also, bicycles can be a solution to pollution.

If we do not have cycling, your body may feel sore, especially in the legs, but, if you've used, then the body will feel more refreshed and healthy. So?

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