Recognize Biomass Energy

Biomass is one of the renewable energy. Which the world needs more renewable energy. However, we also need to examine whether biomass energy is green energy.

Some examples of sources for biomass energy is as follows:
  1. From the agricultural waste, agricultural waste a lot that can be used for biomass energy sources, such as straw, animal manure and poultry.
  2. From energy crops, for example is jatropa, corn, etc
  3. Wood, wood can be burned, and generate heat energy, but it will produce carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect.
In the processing of biomass energy and energy conversion, we can do with the direct combustion, termokimiawi conversion and biochemical conversion.

Direct combustion is the simplest energy conversion. But it will produce the greenhouse effect. Bebrapa biomasssa utilization is: Gasification, pyrolysis, liquification, etc.

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