I Have a Job to Make a Line Follower

I have a duty to make a line follower. Line follower is a robot that can walk follow the line. I was given three weeks to complete this task. I'm confused where to start to make a line follower. Finally I search from the search engine on the car line follower. Quite simply, I hope I can finish it in accordance with the time that is given to me.
To make the line follower, I am not alone. Line follower is just a toy. But I feel that the challenge to be able to make it. I was thinking, how can I increase the torque from the motor to the wheel movement. I'm thinking of making a gear system, so that the moment the rotating wheel becomes larger. But I am confused about where I can get the gear.

View the video line follower on youtube, I was very happy with the electronics. In addition I was also thinking about the light sensor will I wear, I think to use the microcontroller AT 89S51. Because, I've got training on programming AT 89S51. Once me and my friends once made a tool for automatic hand washing. Using infrared sensors to read the existence of hand. I feel that it would be great if I could make a line follower.

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