Organic Plastic Bag

Technological advances have supported the creation of products. One of them is a plastic bag. How many plastic bags used in a day. The plastic waste management must be considered. Plastic bags can not be processed by the ground. Not like leaves that can be processed into fertilizer. And the good news is that now many of the organic plastic bags. Which can rot when deposited in the soil.
Of course the discovery of an organic plastic bags is a good move, with organic plastic bags, we do not need to think about the processing of wastes. Because just dumped in the ground, then the plastic bag to decompose organic. Unlike the plastic bags that are not organic. We need a long step to process waste.
Nature has been much concern shown by our friends. You may even have long been concerned with the nature. Because this is the place lalam our disenfranchised. So keep the spirit to show our concern for nature. For the sake of our lives, for the sake of our children, for the sake of our grandchildren, and for the sake of our descendants.

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