I Have a Job to Make a Line Follower

I have a duty to make a line follower. Line follower is a robot that can walk follow the line. I was given three weeks to complete this task. I'm confused where to start to make a line follower. Finally I search from the search engine on the car line follower. Quite simply, I hope I can finish it in accordance with the time that is given to me.

Tips to avoid strike

 Very annoying when our car broke down on the road. Many things can cause our car broke down. That we do not experience it, we must pay attention to care for our cars. And we hope that we will avoid the situation the car broke down. Some of the things we have noticed that the car did not strike the fuel, spark plugs, radiator water, oil, and others.

Looking fuel indicator, will help us to analyze the car enough fuel is available or not. If we forget to monitor fuel capacity, it can cause us to run out of fuel, so we are riding in a car that will go on strike when the petrol runs out. If the location of strike away from fuel sales, it will trouble us. Maybe we need a tow truck to pull our car up to the sale of fuel.

5 ways to save energy at home

This article writes about energy conservation . About the ways to save energy at home . Many people are looking for ways to save their elec...