A Guide to the steps toward unlimited home energy

I did the browsing activity, and found something really big. Special for me. That is about how to make wind turbines or solar panels at home. And I imagine being able to have a mini power plant in my home. Of course this will save my electricity bill expenses.

By having a mini power plant at home, maybe I do not have to mess around with the charge bill for the energy I use. Because I can make my own from the mini power plant. And this information is a 400-page ebook that teaches how to make wind turbines or solar panels.

And this is good news, because this is information about environmentally friendly technology. And my hope, hopefully you can also find an ebook on how to create a mini power plant in the house. Because this is a guide to the steps toward unlimited home energy.

This is the key to finding the information I mean, you can explore it using the search engine about how to create a mini home power plant, to the freedom of renewable energy in our homes.


Gadget For Men - goTenna

If your boyfriends are an adventurer. And he often traveling. Maybe this gadget is suitable as a gift for your boyfriend. This is a very cool gadget for adventurous men. The name of this gadget is goTenna

goTenna is Cool Gadget for men adventure

Maybe on the way, your boyfriend found a place without internet network. He can use this goTenna to contact you. This is a reliable peer to peer device. If you are interested in giving this cool gadget to your boyfriends, you can learn about goTenna on their site.

It is expected that your boyfriend will like to receive this cool gadget for men of goTenna. goTenna can also be a suitable gift for our children who travel frequently. By using goTenna, being in new and unfamiliar territory without an internet signal can keep making our own signal. Already many people use this cool gadget. Are you interested to try it, please visit their site to get more information about goTenna, here.

Creating Line Follower and How it Works.

Robot line follower is a robot that is designed to be able to walk following the color of the line. Of course this requires basic knowledge of programming. In a line follower robot, we need a color sensor that will be used to detect line colors. Usually to distinguish between black and white. 

This color sensor, we can use infra red sensors, or can also use the LDR. Once we have a color sensor to detect the line, then we need the brain to make the robot can walk along the line. We can make it with an analog circuit, or with an IC that we will later fill with the program. To charge IC from line follower control, we can use arduino or by using Asembler programming. To learn this program, we must know the basics of logic.

If we have the desire and sincerity in learning, to make a line follower is not a difficult thing. To make it easier we have a description of line follower, I took this from youtube video about lne follower. May be useful.

5 ways to save energy at home

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