Energy Saving Campaign

We all know that petroleum is not the type of energy renewal energy, to form petroleum, earth requires millions of years, this course allows that the earth will experience the emptiness of petroleum reserves, if we use outside the earth's capacity to produce it.

Petroleum energy is not one that can be utilized, some alternative energy materials as a substitute for petroleum is coal, solar energy, water motion energy, wind energy, energy of water vapor, and so forth, there was even told that there are plants that produce oil which can be used as fuel. such as distance or known as Jatropha.

Some alternative energy has started untouched and used as raw energy, but this requires our awareness to conserve petroleum, so we can reduce the efficient usage of oil.

Why do we need to conserve the usage of oil as energy, and thinking about other energy alternatives that could be used, of course, is also encouraged to meet the needs of our descendants, our children and our grandchildren, they will all live on this earth, whether you could imagine their life when the earth is completely run out of oil there is no substitute energy found? Of course not, not we hope that our grandchildren can feel comfortable life on this earth?

So, let's save the use of oil to our progeny.


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