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I Have a Job to Make a Line Follower

I have aduty to makealinefollower.Linefollowerisarobotthatcan walkfollow the line. Iwas giventhree weeksto completethis task. I'm confusedwhere to starttomake alinefollower.Finally Isearch fromthe search engineonthe carline follower. Quite simply, I hope I can finish itin accordancewith the timethat is givento me.

Tips to avoid strike

Very annoyingwhenourcarbroke downon the road. Many thingscan causeourcarbroke down. That we do notexperience it, wemustpay attention tocareforour cars. And wehopethatwe will avoidthe situationthe car broke down. Some of thethings we havenoticedthatthe cardid notstrikethe fuel, spark plugs, radiatorwater, oil, and others.

Lookingfuel indicator, willhelp us toanalyze thecarenoughfuelis availableornot.If weforget to monitorfuel capacity, itcan cause us torun out offuel,soweare riding ina car thatwill go on strikewhen thepetrolruns out. If the location ofstrikeawayfromfuel sales, itwilltrouble us. Maybe weneeda tow truckto pullourcarup tothe sale offuel.