We Must Saving Energy

To save energy is very important for our live, becaue the energy like oil and coal and etc is limited energy. it can out, while to get ail and coil again needed a long time, millions year. If thats The Energy out now how abot my childrens ? Hoe about grandchildres, i think they must to get quota from the energy. So we must saving energy for them.

energy supply like the oil and coil, the longer the more slender, if we not to saving energy, a later time this energy will out. Before the energy is exhauste, we must to find new sources of energy which will not be exhauste, like solar energy.

the limited energy in the world has become a world problem, and the whole world has been to seek to conduct research, to find new energy-friendly environment. And we can support it, to save the energy from within us.

from us, from now on, let us save energy.


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