How To Save Energy In The Company ?

At the company, electricity costs are the second largest component after raw materials. Given that the availability of electrical energy resources in the world is very limited, we must save it. Everyday we need electrical energy for the purposes of the company's Eletronic devices.  

Perhaps we have been using excessive electrical energy. Electricity really helps simplify the work in our lives, we become very dependent on the availability of electrical energy to run the business. But if we are not wise in using it, then this means waste. As a result the cost of production is increasingly bloated and not comparable with the output of the company.

To control the use of electricity, many companies do energy efficiency. Begin to find the company's source of energy wastage. Many companies also conduct energy management for energy efficiency. They use the services of other companies to help reduce energy use to be more efficient. Replacing the old AC with AC power saving.
The power-saving culture should become a habit. Like always turning off the lights or air conditioner if the room is empty and turning off the lights near the glass window during the day is a culture that helps companies make energy efficiency. Examples of habits that help companies make energy efficiency are always closing doors and windows that separate air-conditioned rooms with non-AC. If the energy-saving culture has become a habit this will help the company do energy efficiency

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