Save Fuel

I really like the fuel-efficient cars, as it saves fuel our cars is one of the real action to conserve oil, because oil is a limited energy resources contained in the earth. To create it requires a very long time. takes millions of years.

If residents use their cars to save the earth, of course, this means millions of liters of oil can be saved in one day usage. Because every day millions of litter from petroleum use by residents of this earth, from all continents.

Crude oil continues to be taken out of the earth, if crude oil intake is not balanced with earth's ability to provide oil, maybe we'll come to a point, where the oil will run out. I can not imagine if we have at the moment. so let us save energy.


mikesac said…
Fuel is already a very scare resource and therefore a very very expensive one at that.Therefore economies of use have to be followed when coming to oil consumption.
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