Invite a Friend to Save Energy

Have you invited friends to save energy? I think that energy supply is gradually has becom a problem for people all over the world. of America, asia, africa, europe all Naturalife Greenworld same problem, yatu about the limitations of existing fuels in nature.

Did you involve yourself in a real step to deal with it? You can start from yourself u o provide solutions to overcome existing problems of energy limitations of this earth. How? Of course, saving energy you use.

After you save energy, you can invite your friends. Like taking off to work together. By going to work together of course this will reduce the consumption of energy. if each person went to work using a car with a capacity of 4 persons. to set out with, so a car will include four people, and that means no fuel savings for the three cars that were not used. What do you think?

Leaving to work together not only will save the energy consumption of fuel for cars, but also can foster togetherness and friendship. so?

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