How to Check The Car's Battery.

In the last article I wrote about saving money from recondition old batteries. Now I write about how to care for the battery. In addition to requiring fuel, a car also requires batteries. These batteries are used to rotate the motor starter. The battery is also used for a power source to turn on the headlights. If the battery is weak, the battery can not be used to rotate the motor starter. So that cars can not turn on.

Some things that make a weak battery is damage to the charging system on our car. Damaged car charging system which will make the batteries run out of electricity. So as to fix, in this case, replace the batteries not the right way, we must improve the charging system on our car.
Some of the ways that we can use to take care of the battery are:1. Clean the battery terminals from corrosion2. Check the liquid electrolyte in the battery, lest battery fluid run out.3. Check the electrolyte specific gravity using a hydrometer, if necessary recharge the battery.4. Do not forget to check the condition of the battery to make sure no bubbles, or broken / cracked.

That was some way of taking care of battery, you can find from other references to find the right way to care for the battery.


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