Supplement Restraint System

Supplement Restraint System is additional safety equipment in a car. Such as airbags and seatbelts. Every person has a risk of having an accident while driving. This will lead to the risk of injury. Therefore, in a car should be equipped with Supplement Restraint System, such as air bags and seat belts. Air bags reduce the risk of injury when someone had an accident while driving. By having air bags mounted on a car, when the car suffered concussion, air bags inflate quickly in order to protect passengers clash with the interior of the car. The function of the air bag will be even better when teamed up with the function of the seat belt.Air bag will prevent passengers collided with a car's interior, and seat belt functions to hold the body of passengers being thrown forward. If both functions work well, it will greatly reduce the risk of injury significantly.

If we see, when one passenger in an accident, have the possibility of a third collision. The first collision was a collision on the car and the next conflict is a clash of passengers with the interior, and the third is the clash between the organs of the body with the body itself. By installing the Supplement Restraint System in a vehicle, the risk of occurrence of collisions will be reduced. So the occurrence of severe injuries can be avoided. 

Many types of seat belts, air bag module as well as many, there are mounted on the steering wheel, there is a ceiling mounted in a car, there is a dashboard-mounted front passenger, as well as those installed in the car seat. Of course Supplement Restraint System is a system that will serve to engurangi risk of injury, even though we know that no one wants to have an accident on the way, therefore, drive properly and follow the signs for traffic remains necessary to avoid accidents. Always be careful when driving and stay alert. Complying with the guidelines of existing traffic could increase the level of security we drive. Thank you.


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