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Exploiting the dirt Buffalo

Buffalo dung, it can be used for fuel. Could produce natural gas, and can be used for cooking and so on. Process is also quite simple. We are holding this buffalo dung, and leave until a few days, then the gas has been formed, and can be channeled to the furnace or the stove as fuel.

I think this is a good step in utilizing an energy waste as material for our lives.

Energy-Efficient Means Save Our Money

Frugality in the use of that energy will not only help our environment, but also has benefits for ourselves, that is, we can to save our money. For example, if we are saving in electricity usage, then we will bill you pay will also be in accordance with the usage of electricity. So the less electricity we use, then we canto saving the money will be more.

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Back to the energy-saving benefits, please you are counting yourself, how much money can you save with energy-saving activities you will doing. Starting from your car, just …