Real Steps to Save Energy

We've heard about the campaign to save energy. We are hopeful that we take part in real events that we do to save energy. Have you been doing real activities in order to save energy? This time we tried writing a real steps that we can use to save energy consumption.

Some real steps we can do to save energy is included as follows:
- Choosing energy-efficient electrical equipment.
- Turn the timer off the television when we watch tv before bed.
- Using publick transportation to go to work.
- Depart with colleagues who work together.

There are many more steps we can do to save energy, let us support energy-saving campaign, by taking our real steps to save energy.


Fery Kurniawan said…
numpang baca dlu y, kunjungn pertama nih gan..
mikesac said…
These are simple yet very functional tips.Walking to office is also considered very good for health...saves fuel too.We have to learn to turn the electronics down completely and mot keep them in their standby.
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