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Let's Try To Make Electricity by Hydropower.

I love readingaboutalternativeenergythat can beusedfor power generation.Andnow I'mreadingabout theconversion ofwater powerinto electricity.And Itried towrite ithere.I foundan article abouta villagewhose inhabitantsuse electricitymade​​fromriverflow. you canreadhere.If youdo not understandthe language,you canusegoogle translateto translate.
A young mancan makea micro-hydropower plants.That is byutilizingthe water wheeltomakeelectricityfromthe flow ofthe river. River in thehills,suitableforwaterwheel.becauseriver waterusuallyhasaheavywater.So witharushingstreamthatcan be used torotate thepaddle wheel.And withthe concept ofenergyconversion, theroundwheelcan be used torotatethe turbine,and electricitycan beraised.
Andthis conceptcan beapplied to ahilly area thathas theflow ofa rushing river.whatdo you think?

Urine For Alternative Energy Sources

I recently readhere,there isinformationthat theurinecouldbealternative energy.Of coursethis is good news.Whenreservesdwindlingenergy resources.The discoveryof newsources ofenergyisapositive thing.Sourine istestedand canbe usedas anenergysource.

This alternativeenergysourcediscovered bystudentsfromIndonesia.If theurineas a source ofenergycouldbe developed,this meanswehaveanabundantsource ofenergy.Because everyonecanproduceurine. Not all of theurinecouldbe usedas a source ofenergy,tobe usedas a source ofenergy, theuseof urineisurinethat does not containsugar.If theurinecontainssugar,then this willbehamperthe processof electrolysis.
for the future, it is hopedthe findings ofalternative energysourcescan be done,and foralternativeenergysourcesthat have beenfound,so thatcouldbe developed,so thatalternative energysourcescan beused asan economicalalternativeenergysource.

Good Piping Design Indispensable.

In an oil extraction, pipeline design must be considered very good. Perppaan designs are not only supporting the cost efficiency, but also to minimize the theft of oil from oil pipelines. Oil distribution pipe lines to be protected is located. If you can be in a safe area. That is safe from theft or cause damage, such as falling trees, and others. To that end, the design pipeline in an oil distribution should be organized in such a way that the interruption of oil distribution is not disturbed.