Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Try To Make Electricity by Hydropower.

I love reading about alternative energy that can be used for power generation. And now I'm reading about the conversion of water power into electricity. And I tried to write it here. I found an article about a village whose inhabitants use electricity made ​​from river flow. you can read here. If you do not understand the language, you can use google translate to translate.

A young man can make a micro-hydro power plants. That is by utilizing the water wheel to make electricity from the flow of the river. River in the hills, suitable for waterwheel. because river water usually has a heavy water. So with a rushing stream that can be used to rotate the paddle wheel. And with the concept of energy conversion, the round wheel can be used to rotate the turbine, and electricity can be raised.

And this concept can be applied to a hilly area that has the flow of a rushing river. what do you think?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Urine For Alternative Energy Sources

I recently read here, there is information that the urine could be alternative energy. Of course this is good news. When reserves dwindling energy resources. The discovery of new sources of energy is a positive thing. So urine is tested and can be used as an energy source.

This alternative energy source discovered by students from Indonesia. If the urine as a source of energy could be developed, this means we have an abundant source of energy. Because everyone can produce urine.
Not all of the urine could be used as a source of energy, to be used as a source of energy, the use of urine is urine that does not contain sugar. If the urine contains sugar, then this will be hamper the process of electrolysis.

 for the future, it is hoped the findings of alternative energy sources can be done, and for alternative energy sources that have been found, so that could be developed, so that alternative energy sources can be used as an economical alternative energy source.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Piping Design Indispensable.

In an oil extraction, pipeline design must be considered very good. Perppaan designs are not only supporting the cost efficiency, but also to minimize the theft of oil from oil pipelines. Oil distribution pipe lines to be protected is located. If you can be in a safe area. That is safe from theft or cause damage, such as falling trees, and others. To that end, the design pipeline in an oil distribution should be organized in such a way that the interruption of oil distribution is not disturbed.