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Make Home Energy Saving

Creatinganenergy-efficient homes,must be done fromthe initial planning, startingfromhouse planswill be made.We mustcalculatethe sun,windand so on.Calculatingthe sun,it is that therooms of the housethat we make,can all beexposed tosunlightduring the day,so we did notneedtoturn on the lightsduring the dayto illuminatethe room inour house.With this,wewillsave the useof electricityto power the lightsin the daytime.

Taking into account thewind direction,wecandesign theroom to keepcool even thoughwe did notuse afan or air conditioning,soifwehave aroomlike this, itwillhelpus saveourhomeelectricity consumption.

So,ifwewant to makeenergy-efficient homes,konseplahfrom scratch, designed itso thatwegetenergy-efficientroomspacein our homes.

The advantage of using a container for shelter

Containers, is now a viable alternative to occupancy. Already many are modifying the container as a residence. If we amencari in searh engines, we can find many references modifications to the container as a comfortable dwelling. For example, I try to look at the image search engine with keywords about the house with container. And I found many pictures containers modified for residential or office.

Why do people choose kotainer as a home to live in? Container is a tool that is commonly used to send the goods, usually used by cargo. However, the container is now a choice as a dwelling. Perhaps because it is practical to use and modify. And also easy to move containers. While the life of container for a long time, possibly up to 20 years, because the container resistant to heat and rain.
Of course, to make a container into a comfortable residential, not everyone can do, we require the services of an expert to realize a comfortable dwelling by using a container. There are several techn…