Urine For Alternative Energy Sources

I recently read here, there is information that the urine could be alternative energy. Of course this is good news. When reserves dwindling energy resources. The discovery of new sources of energy is a positive thing. So urine is tested and can be used as an energy source.

This alternative energy source discovered by students from Indonesia. If the urine as a source of energy could be developed, this means we have an abundant source of energy. Because everyone can produce urine.
Not all of the urine could be used as a source of energy, to be used as a source of energy, the use of urine is urine that does not contain sugar. If the urine contains sugar, then this will be hamper the process of electrolysis.

 for the future, it is hoped the findings of alternative energy sources can be done, and for alternative energy sources that have been found, so that could be developed, so that alternative energy sources can be used as an economical alternative energy source.


ecoswitch said…
Really, urine? But, how intriguing. http://www.ecoswitch.com.au/
mas said…
although from the urine, but the result is not urine.

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